Business Transformation Implementation

  1. Processes
  2. People
  3. Product

What do the clients want?

low cost, conveniences, turnkey solutions,

What do designers usually “think they solve?” Aesthetics, space planning, professional advice etc. Myopic view of things.

In order to do a detailed diagnosis on the transformation we need for C Square Creative Communications, there are three areas we need to zoom in on. The three areas are our processes, people and our product.



C Square Creative Communications is an exhibition and event management agency with key strengths in design and construction. Its headquarters are based in Singapore with branch offices in Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Company infrastructure:

C2 Group Holding (Worldwide). Base our organisational change in Singapore. Singapore office as an innovation hub.

Creative Support – 3D space/experience designers, graphic designers, event programme managers

Sales – Account managers, marketing

Operations – Project personnel


Change in business climate:

As examined in Chapter 3.1, we are already on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital technology is seeping into every part of life. Almost everyone is armed with a mobile device nowadays, most people have at least one social media account and businesses are finding it increasingly important to engage consumers through social media, entertainment and other digital campaigns. Human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to eight seconds in less than a decade. We now have less of an attention span than a goldfish (averaging about nine seconds) (Borelli., L. , 2015). Thus, people do not have the capacity to pay attention to everything there is out there. Brands may be shouting out to the consumers, but the effectiveness of their approach remains to be seen. Exhibitions dependant on just aesthetics and sound space planning are phasing out. Creative interactive content in exhibition interpretive planning is key to the effectiveness of any exhibition design. The post event engagement is just as important in gauging how effective the exhibition had been. 

Design briefs from clients are getting more technical and holistic. Whereas events and conferences in the past contain simple setups like performances like dances, food, event decoration and programming, now expectations of agencies are becoming more and more “digitised”. Clients expect the agency to handle social media marketing, provide interactive designs and to use technology in the program (For e.g. online registration). Providing purely cost effective and creative “design and build” services, which C Square prides itself to be strong in, is fast becoming obsolete. Yet, the budget provided by clients remains basic. Keeping costs low and staying competitive in our offerings are proving to be a big challenge in this business climate.

Facing these challenges from the consumer market and B2B dealings, if C Square does not reinvent ourselves to supply what the market demands in a convenient and cost efficient manner for the clients, our competitors (i.e. Pico, as discussed in the chapter on “Digital media and exhibition design companies”) will have a winning edge. I believe that business transformation in our context starts with our human resources, more than anything else.

Talent pool:

The people that make up the company may determine its future. Wrong hires could cost a company hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, as well as destroy company morale and employee motivation. Some of the more common reasons companies hire wrongly include poor skills match and unclear performance objectives. No hire is better than a bad hire.  (Yager, F., 2016)

As I consider the diverse talent in C Square, our core offerings are in project management and design. The organisational chart gives a clear picture of the skill sets that make up the company. Before we dive into examining the kind of talent we need for the future, we need to pin-point the vision and goals we have, especially for the next two years.

  1. World-class exhibition projects
  2. Theme parks
  3. Events and conferences
  4. Exhibitions

Our current team includes designers with diverse skills. From my previous research on the kind of exhibit design that will appeal to today’s audience, we need to hire interactive designers. We also need engineers/developers who can program the designers’ visions. These increased headcount may also increase overheads quite substantially. At this stage of our development, can we afford to plunge into committing the company to these new hires? Is there an alternative solution? We need to address the needs of the market while balancing business costs. Another reality is that, as much as clients request for digital solutions, more often than not, they are not willing to increase their budget to include these. The type of projects that may include the budget for technology is limited. On the other hand, for clients with a smaller budget, are there

Upgrading the existing talent pool

  • Offer training in Unity3D (Technologies, 2016)
  • Training in other related software skills – Vuforia, xCode.
  • Training in digital marketing and data analytics


  • Build a pool of developers and interactive designers so that we can activate them when the projects come
  • Build a healthy network of digital marketing freelancers

Using open source software for small interactive projects

  • Aurasma
  • Augment


  • Partnerships with digital agencies
    • Digimagic
    • Massive Infinity
    • Dreammarvel
    • The Elementary Co.


Upgrade existing talent pool. New hires must be right, culturally and in terms of skill-set.



  • Borelli, L., Why A Goldfish Probably Has A Better Attention Span Than You. Medical Daily. N.p., 2015. Web. 
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