Implementation – It takes a team

Today I was talking to my colleague about my technological pursuits and he shared with me his digital vision for the company as well. We were very excited to set up a digital team to spearhead our ideas. Already, we had shortlisted 4 individuals to be part of the team – An account manager, a graphic designer, an interaction designer and yours truly, with 3D design being my area of expertise. I was excited to find like-minded colleagues who are excited to own this initiative together. The stars seemed to align together as my initial idea as stated in my PID was to move my company towards becoming a digital-ready agency.

What are our objectives? How do we reach those objectives? How do our objectives align with the company’s business goals?


We cannot ignore the shift in focus on technology in clients’ briefs. In the past couple of years, clients are no longer satisfied with an aesthetically pleasing booth design or an event that fulfils the function of having a fun program that consists of food and performances. They want an immersive experience for visitors. In specific terms, they even requested for technology in name – i.e. virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, mobile apps etc. We struggled to squeeze out interactive ideas for our displays in the initial years. None of us were trained in interaction design, none of us were developers. Another roadblock we faced was the difficulty in implementing ideas. When we went to our usual suppliers, they often feedback that our creative ideas cannot be implemented. We have to think of solutions ourselves or scrap our ideas. It is now time to be equipped with the know-how, so that we can be consultants to the clients, and be project managers who can advise our key suppliers.



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